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Today we introduce you to a project that we’ve been developing, A Conversation. With this project we’re going to try the creation of an open and participative discussion space were the thinking stops being something static and elitist, to become a dynamic exercise. Active thinking, activist thinking, thinking as an energy source and as the last resource that political institutions cannot cut.

So, beginning September 19th, 21h30min CEST with Pierre Lévy. We will propose debates with well-known artists, philosophers, filmmakers and activists that would be broadcasted in Live Streaming. We will also put together the necessary tools to make the debate not only public but interactive and that any person interested in pushing forward this way of dynamic thinking can do it. Our main challenge through this initiative is to show that another way of thinking is possible and the academic vertical structure is not the only one.

We wait for you in our first conversation on September 19th at 21h30 CEST with the philosopher Pierre Lévy. Welcome to A Conversation.

Information: http://aconversation.lacasinegra.com

Live Streaming: http://aconversation.lacasinegra.com/pierre-levy

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